My Today's Horoscope

People born on this day can be very courageous, heroic, able to govern others and subject them to their will. Such a person is often withdrawn — they follow their own goals and stubbornly realize their own special projects and intentions. They are generally patriotic, and although they are quite kind — they can become suddenly angry, at which point they become relentless and immune to persuasion.

They skillfully use their strategic and tactical abilities, that can bring them success in military career, in everyday life, bringing their plans to life with great subtlety and secrecy. They are often successful due to their significant intuition and the ability to quickly learn their way around the political and social situation. They are an enthusiastic collector of various trinkets and pay a lot of attention to detail — which makes them distracted and disconnected from the whole. Friendly, sociable — they can be cold and egoistical, jealously guarding their business and skilfully fighting both real and made-up enemies.